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CO2 Fractional Laser(HF-807)

Applications of RF CO2 Fractional Laser Skin Treatment System (HF-807):
1. Laser resurfacing--To start a skin micro-exfoliation treatment under fractional mode, and meantime, to make collagen renewal through heat stimulation of fractional laser, finally skin gets tender and more elasticity.
2. Wrinkles removal--Wrinkles removal around mouth, eyes, forehead, ect
3. Scar treatment—surgical scars and acne scars.
4. Freckles removal--Dilute various freckles like chloasma , freckles, coffee spots, age pigment and the actinic keratoses.
5. Remove skin neoplasms , Syringoma , sebaceous gland tumor, Becker nevus, and seborrheic keratosis

Clinical applications:
1. To improve skin texture, shrink pores, make the skin smooth and tender.
2. To tighten face and neck, with the function of face-lift and enhancement.
3. To remove fine wrinkles around eyes and mouth.
4. To treat surgical and acne scars.
5. To whiten face and remove pigmentation.

Technical Specification:

Display:10.4 inch color Touch Screen

Laser type:TEM00

Laser Mode:Super pulse RF laser

RF laser modulation frequency: 2.5KHz

Monopulse maximum pulse width:120HS

Laser Wavelength:10.6um

Input power: 600VA

Laser output power:0~30w(adjustable)

Scan Range:20*20mm

Spots spacing:0.2~2mm, Stepping:0.1mm

Working modes:Continuous, single pulse, Repeated pulse and Ultra pulse.

Power supply:~230/v, 50/60Hz

Weight: 55KG

Scanner, joint arm, tool bit: