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Technical Specification
Model HF-108B
Laser type 500watt diode laser
wavelength 808nm
Beam divergence angle 10*35mm
Spot size 10*12mm
The cooling system Inside the closed circulating water cooling, outside circulation wind cooling
Input power 2200W(AC220V/ 10A, AC110V/20A)
The energy density 30ms  5~8 J/cm2 (Adjustable)

50ms  5~10 J/cm2 (Adjustable)

80ms  6~18 J/cm2 (Adjustable)

100ms 10~24 J/cm2 (Adjustable)

200ms 10~40 J/cm2 (Adjustable)

Energy density error range +/- 10%
Pulse frequency 1~5Hz(Adjustable)
Pulse width 30ms、50ms、80ms、100ms、200ms
Cooling intensity 1~5 Level
Net weight 50kg
The package size 108*59*68cm
Working power supply 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 8.5A-3.5A

808nm Diode Laser Permanent Hair Removal Machine

  1. Suitable for whole body and all skin types hair removal;
  2. Chilled Sapphire tip cools and protects the upper levels of skin and enhances treatment comfort;
  3. Perfect spot size 10mm*11mm can reduce the treatment time.
  4. 500W laser power for the excellent result.
  5. Virtually pain-free contacted with sapphire of Real -5℃more incomparable comfortable, and safety.



Treatment Theory


The effective penetration depth of 808nm diode laser can reach the target tissue dermal papilla. The appropriate pulse duration of the target is sufficient heat damage and the surrounding tissue is barely affected. Provide sufficient energy output to damage the target tissue and the normal tissue is almost unaffected. Skin protection measures to guarantee enough target tissue damage.

To ensure the safety of the treatment. Under the mode of low energy density, the hair follicles were heated to 75℃ and growth activity by the sliding maintenance of the treatment hand and the hair follicles(10Hz state).


Powerful upgrade are more secure, fast, painless, efficient, it’s your preferred hair removal device.


The laser selectively acts on the melanin in the hair follicle, which destroys the germinal region in the hair warm.

Natural hair shedding, to achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Stimulate collagen regeneration, reduce the pores, make the skin tight smooth at the same time.




More safety

No hurt to skin, no side effect, no hair follicle inflammation and the skin inflamed after the operation, no damage to the pore and effects perspiration.


More quickly

Short hair removal time, body parts treatment time within 20 minutes, short recovery period.


More effective

Directly destroying the hair dermal, removing the hair from the foundation, leading the hair no longer to grow, immediate effect, solving your problem one thing for all!


More functional

Freezing hair removal not only has the effect of hair removal, but also tightening skin, whitening, moisturizing, shrink pores and other effects.