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Technical specification:

Model No HF-107A
Output power 1400W
Treatment area 10*45mm
Optional wavelength 430nm, 510nm, 560nm, 640nm, 690nm(Standard);

530nm, 580nm, 750nm (Options)

Energy density 10-45J/cm2
Pulse delay 5-95ms
Pulse duration 1-10ms
Pulse number 1- 4PCS
Screen 8 inch color touch screen
Power supply AC220V/7A/50Hz, AC110V/14A/60Hz
Cooling system Semiconductor cooling +Water cooling + Wind cooling system
Size 41cm*54cm*31cm
Weight 23kg

System Characteristics:
IPL is short for Intense Pulse Light, and also known as IPL for skin rejuvenation. It is a kind of strong pulse of wide spectrum wavelengths intense pulse light, which can penetrate from epidermis to dermis. It makes full use of selective absorption of light to remove or ease wrinkles, shrink pores and remove hair. Detailed, the pigment within the lesion group will be instantly heated which makes the lesion vessel atrophied or blocked, then stimulates the collagen reproduce and prompts elastic fibers rearrange, that is what we called IPL for skin rejuvenation.

Treatment range:
1. Benign pigment problem: Spots removal, freckles, chloasma, color fleck, age pigment, chorioplaque and partial pigmentation.
2. Vascular problem: Capillary vessel expansion, redden face and blood streak.
3. Acne and pimple removal
4. Skin rejuvenation: Shrink pores, blackhead removal, anti-wrinkle, skin whitening and skin elasticity enhancement.
5. Hair removal: Unwanted hair removal

Technical characteristics:
1. Portable IPL is controlled by color touch screen and be proved safety and reliable. It is easy for operation.
2. Portable size with light weight and easy for carrying.
3. Portable IPL can, to a great extent, improve the treatment efficiency by using the 10*45cm big spot treatment.
4. This treatment handle is equipped with different wavelength filters which can accomplish all the treatments.
5. Sapphire can cool the filter.
6. Portable IPL adopts super heat abstractor and automatic temperature controlling system.
7. The tail design of plug-in handle is very convenient and easy to change.


750-1200nm: Hair Removal (Skin Type IV)
690-1200nm: Hair Removal (Skin Type III)
640-1200nm: Hair Removal (Skin Type I & II ); Wrinkle Removal
590-1200nm: Pigmentation and Vascularity; Skin Rejuvenation
560-1200nm: Vascular and Pigmented Lesions; Skin Rejuvenation
530-1200nm: Skin Rejuvenation; Superficial Vascular Lesions
510-1200nm: Superficial Vascular Lesions
480-1200nm: Light Pigmentation
430-1200nm: Acne