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Technical Specifications:

Model HF-107C
Operation mode E-light, RF
E-light mode:
Standard wavelength 430nm/ 510nm/ 560nm/ 640nm/ 690nm
Optional wavelength 530nm/ 580nm/ 750nm
Spot size 10*45mm
Energy  density 10-45j/cm²
Pulse width 1-10ms
Pulse delay 5~95ms
Pulse period 1-3s
Pulse number 1-4pcs
RF mode:
Frequency 1MHz
RF energy 1-50J( face), 1-70J(body)
RF energy on E-light system 0-100J
RF output time on E-light system 0-2s
Power supply AC220V/ 7A/ 50Hz,  AC110V/ 14A/ 60Hz)
Screen  display 8 inch color touch screen
Cooling  system Semiconductor cooling + water cooling +air cooling

System Characteristics

  1. Machine is used the multiple spectrum and narrow spectrum design for a variety of facial physical problems and effective simulation of laser efficacy  , so the customer can enjoy safety and effectiveness unity.
  2. More lasting machine reliability, the main devices models are same with the US and Israel manufacturers
  3. More efficient cooling: the safer treatment can reduced guests pain significantly
  4. More High security;multiple fault diagnosis can help the body multiple self-protection
  5. Improve the hand-piece performance: customers can use smaller energy parameters and fewer number of treatments, to achieve a more lasting and significant effect

Treatment Range:

  1. Face rejuvenation, improve overall facial / skin texture(550-950nm)
  2. Shrink pores (550-950nm)
  3. Cure freckles, sunburn, age spots and other pigmentation(550-650nm)
  4. Cure telangiectasia, acne redness, facial flushing, port wine stains and other vascular diseases(500-600nm)
  5. Acne Treatment
  6. Fast and effective hair removal