507R 1
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Technical Specifications

Model HF-507R
RF Mode Normal Mode/ Continuum Mode
Frequency 6.78MHz
Power 400W(Max)
Energy Class 1-30(adjustable)
Tip Area 3cm (Facial Treatment), 1.5cm (Eyes Treatment)
Cooling System Dynamic cooling
Nursing Mode
Working Frequency 1MHz
Parameter Range 10-100, 10/step
Screen Display 12 inch touch screen
Power Supply 800W (AC 220V/4A, AV110V/ 8A)
Net Weight 35KG
Size 61*69*120cm
Power Supply 220V~50/60Hz, 4A

Treatment Theory  

  1. The working principle of Super Magic is same, which adopts unique RF technology. For the flabby and wrinkle skin, the tip transmits high-frequency radio waves to the deep layer skin and at the same time cooling the surface of your skin to achieve the tightening and shaping effect.
  2. Deep dermal heating: Deep dermal heating technology of Super Magic can stimulate and tighten existing collagen and form new collagen. Then the smooth and tightening skin will replace the flabby or wrinkle skin after a period of time, meanwhile the young appearance will be shown.
  3. Dynamic Cooling: it will cooling the surface skin while heating deep dermal skin, after several seconds of RF output, the coolant will be sprayed onto the surface of the skin, , which will lessen pain and protect epidermis, further to improve the treatment results, give a good treatment comfort and keep the epidermis safe at the stage of the treatment. Therefore, there is no treatment downtime; The patient can go back to work and normal life directly after treatment.


Treatment Range

  1. Improving flabby, wrinkle, aging and rough skin; Reshaping face profile; Effectively lifting the flabby tissues around eyes and neck.
  2. Tighten flabby skin, dispel true and false wrinkles, repair stretch marks;
  3. Acne treatment.
  4. Systemic anti-aging (neck, back’s tightening and modification, chest shape adjustment, shaping waist circumference, buttocks, legs.
  5. Suitable for various wrinkles, such as deep wrinkles, folds, forehead wrinkles, eye lines wrinkles, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, frown lines wrinkles, etc.