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Technical Specifications

Model HF-511R
RF frequency 1MHz
Maximum output energy 200W
Treatment headpiece area
Body treatment headpiece 30mm
Neck treatment headpiece 25mm
Facial treatment headpiece 18mm
Eyes treatment headpiece 10mm
Display 10-inch color screen touch screen
Power supply 220±10%, 50/60Hz 5A
Weight 20kg

Technical Characteristics

  1. It can be use fixed-point treatment modes, each part reaches the preset temperature and stop.
  2. Accurate temperature feedback, real-time monitoring of epidermis temperature.
  3. Intelligent identification of the plug-in treatment head, automatic ally the output parameters.

System Characteristics

  1. Monopolar RF technology, deep heating.
  2. Precise skin temperature detection.
  3. Quickly plug and unplug, intelligent recognition of the head change mode.
  4. 10mm to 30mm has different treatment head for all parts.

Treatment Range

  1. Skin tightening and improve flabby.
  2. Cellulite fat treatment
  3. Promote metabolism and blood circulation
  4. Improve stretch marks
  5. Muscle release physiotherapy