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Model HF-D03
Standard Handle (Wavelength) 550-950nm,650-950nm
Energy density 10-35j/cm²
Spot size 10*35mm
Cooling system semiconductor cooling &water cooling & air cooling
Simple mode
Pulse Number 1
Pulse width 10ms,12ms,15ms
Pulse delay intelligentized delay
Professional mode
Pulse number 1-4
Pulse width 10ms
Pulse delay 100MS
SHR/OPT mode
Energy level 1-10
Frequency 1-10Hz

The system integrates OPT, SHR, DPL three most advanced mode of operation:

  1. OPT professional mode, the output pulse light energy is more uniform, for the dermis skin problems more secure and effective;
  2. DPL for multi-band spectrum + narrow spectrum design combined. Effective simulation of laser effects, the blood vessels, pigments, skin compact, acne has a better targeted therapeutic effect;
  3. SHR in the OPT mode, hair removal effect is more durable and effective;
  4. Safety and reliability; the main device using the same components of the United States and Israel equipment, fuselage multiple fault diagnosis, multiple self-protection;
  5. Improved performance of the treatment head: the new treatment head design to achieve a more lasting and significant effect;


System Characteristics:
1. Machine is used the multiple spectrum and narrow spectrum design for a variety of facial physical problems and effective simulation of laser efficacy  , so the customer can enjoy safety and effectiveness unity.
2. More lasting reliable quality, the main parts are used the same as the US and Israel machines’ use.
3. More efficient cooling: the safer treatment can reduce guests pain significantly.
4. More High security: multiple fault diagnosis can help the body multiple self-protection.
5. Improve the hand-piece performance: customers can use smaller energy parameters and fewer numbers of treatments, to achieve a more lasting and significant effect.


Treatment Range:
1. Face rejuvenation, improve overall facial / skin texture(550-950nm)
2. Shrink pores (550-950nm)
3. Cure freckles, sunburn, age spots and other pigmentation(DPL 550-650nm)
4. Cure telangiectasia, acne redness, facial flushing, port wine stains and other vascular diseases(DPL 500-600nm)
5. Acne Treatment
6. Fast and effective hair removal