LCD screen 10 inch TFT true color touch screen
The display of treatment handles Handle 1 Display: 2.7 inch
Handle 2 Display: 1.9 inch
Working model Pulse mode
The energy of the vacuum-pressure 400-800 mbar (absolute)
The roller speed 0-36 rpm
The working modes of the roll wheel 4 types
1) Roll in: roll in mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward inside)
2) Roll out: roll out mode (two-wheels of the big handle roll toward outside)
3) Roll up: roll up mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed).
4) Normal: normal mode (the two wheels of the big handle roll up or down in different speed)
RF Frequency 1MHz
RF energy density The maximum 60J/cm3
The near-infrared laser wavelength 940nm
Handle quantity 4pcs
Rated voltage: AC 220V (+ / -10%) 50Hz
AC110V (+ / -10%) 60Hz
Rated Power 1KW
Rated current:,
16, Relative humidity: ≤ 70%
Operating temperature 10-30 ºC
The storage temperature 0-40 ºC
Relative humidity ≤ 70%


  1. Body slimming, body contouring and body shaping.
  2. Make body really healthy, especially for womb and breast care for female, prostate care for male.
  3. Promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism.
  4. Has an extraordinary detox health care effect, has a good effect on improving cellulite tissue, prominent is “healthy body sculpture.”


System Features:

  1. Non-invasive medical containment program

Multi-angle operation for optimal contact: use electrodes vertically and crosswise.

  1. Mechanical operation

Massage: Enhances radio frequency and thermal penetration depth, reaching fat layer more effectively.

Vacuum: Closer contact with the target treatment site and increased blood circulation to promote cell metabolism

  1. Heat effect

Bipolar radio frequency-concentrated heating of the fat cell layer, a powerful treatment for cellulite.

IR-Adjusts skin impedance and directs RF energy to the connective tissue.

  1. Multiple treatment heads

Body treatment head: Cellulite treatment, large area treatment: such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

Local Therapy Head: Shape more accurately in a small area, treatment area such as arm, neck, abdomen, face, and thin areas of fat.


Treatment Range:
1. Shape the body.
2. Cellulite reduction.
3. Body shaping by reducing cellulite.
4. Reduce measure after fat dissolving.
5. Pretreatment by measure-reduction
6.Eliminate the stretch marks