Fractional thulium laser with skin rejuvenation, hair regeneration and wrinkle removal functions

Skin rejuvenation:thulium laser is an ideal shallow layer mesotherapy for both whitening and anti-aging treatment. After treatment, it stimulates the turnover of skin and stimulates the intercellular matrix secretion (hyaluronic acid, etc.). It assists in rebuilding the healthy state of dermis, anti chronic inflammation, accelerating the absorption and metabolism of pigments, and achieving skin whitening, it is especially a safe treatment of melasma and assisting in the treatment of inflammation spots such as inflammatory brown nevus with obvious effects.

Hair regrowth: fractional thulium laser device stimulates angiogenesis around the hair follicle and inhibits sebaceous gland oversecretion. It is effective in the treatment of seborrheic alopecia for men and women. Thulium laser can be used to prevent hair loss in women without damaging existing hair, it also can be used on eyebrow hyperplasia.

Wrinkle removal:thulium laser has excellent rejuvenating and anti-aging functions for people of all skin colors, genders and ages, agging skin,photoaging, and fine lines and wrinkles can be treated with immediate improvement. Customers can be offered an annual card type program to consolidate the results and achieve long-term positive result.


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We are a member of the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the Optical Society of China and the Guangdong Optical Electronics Industry Association

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