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808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment

The HF-108B PLUS uses a 1200W laser with an optional multi-wavelength combination treatment head that uses a newly designed laser for maximum application to all skin types, while the pulse output frequency of up to 10Hz allows for comfortable, safe and effective treatment

1200W 3 times wavelength 1064+940+808nm diode laser hair removal equipment


High power short pulse

The HF-108B PLUS laser has a power of 1200W, adopts a sapphire contact cooling system, and uses short pulses of 10-30ms output energy to achieve hair removal without harming the surrounding skin, making the treatment safe and comfortable.

maximum effect

The HF-108B PLUS incorporates the latest semiconductor laser hair removal technology for all skin types.

108BPlus 1   108BPlus 3   108BPlus 4 



HF-108B PLUS can be used with three wavelengths of 1064+940+808nm or 755+808nm to ensure that it can solve different skin hair removal problems to the greatest extent.

108BPlus 8

System characteristics

1.808-nm laser diode provides reliable results.

2. Sapphire touch heat dissipation, feel more comfortable.

3. Permanently reduces all pigmented hair for all skin types.

4. Fast Hair Removal_Large 12x10mm spot, up to 10Hz repetition rate.

5. One set of system dual modes – quick hair removal and standard hair removal.

6. Simple operation.

7. Low cost of ownership and no need for disposables.


Technical specifications

Laser type  Diode Laser
Laser output power  1200W
Wavelength   808nm
Spot size  20*10mm
Screen  10″ color touchscreen
Cooling Method  Air +Water+Semiconductor cooling system
Treatment cooling  Sapphire contact cooling
Fast mode
Actual output energy density  3~76J/cm²
Repetition rate
Pulse width  10-200ms
Normal mode
Actual output energy density  5~100J/cm²
Repetition rate  1~10Hz(Adjustable)
Pulse width  30~300ms

Before & After Treatment Case

108BPlus 2   108BPlus 6

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