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RF Fractional CO2 Laser Beauty Machine

RF CO₂ Super pulse fractional laser is the newest laser-skin-resurface technology. It adopts RF exciter CO₂ laser to change the laser source’s physical medium and emission mode.

During the treatment, hundreds of evenly and orderly micro-level pulse laser beam acts on the treated skin area.

Photothermal effect and micro-invasive effect can accelerate collagen re-growth, and start up the cell’s self-regeneration, stimulating the cell’s metabolism, which makes the skin resurface again.

Fractional CO2 Laser Beauty Equipment Aftercare for Vaginal Tightening Scar Removal Machine

Product advantage:

  • Adpot revolutionary three-dimensioned fractional laser technology, safe treatment, and obvious results.
  • Adpot high-power and super stable laser head, so output power is very high.
  • Multi-fractional modes.
  • Adpot adjustable rectangular pulse width control technology to precisely control pulse and strictly control heat transfer.
  • Personalized user interface design for screen, suited to different customer needs.
  • Non-invasive treatment, faster recovery, and safer treatment.

RF Fractional CO2 Laser Beauty Machine7

The Advantage of  RF tube against Glass tube:

  • No necessity for water circulation, Operator-friendly and convenient
  • More stable frequency, great customers experiences
  • Very durable, ultra long-life ·Optimal result ever

Treatment Range:

  • Laser resurfacing
    Start a skin micro-exfoliation treatment under the fractional mode, and meantime, make collagen renewal through heat stimulation of fractional laser, and finally, skin gets tender and more elasticity.
  • Wrinkle removal
    Our CO2 fractional laser can remove the wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, forehead, etc.
  • Freckle removal
    Our CO2 fractional laser can also dilute various freckles like chloasma, freckles, coffee spots, age pigment, and actinic keratoses. Remove skin neoplasms, Syringoma, sebaceous gland tumor, Becker nevus, and seborrheic keratosis

RF Fractional CO2 Laser Beauty Machine6

Clinical Applications:

  • To improve skin texture, shrink pores; Make the skin smooth and tender
  • To tighten face and neck, with the function of face-lift and enhancement.
  • To remove fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
  • To treat surgical and acne scars.
  • To whiten face and remove pigmentation.

Technical Specification

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HUAFEI Certification
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