The difference between thulium laser and CO2 laser

The difference between thulium laser and CO2 laser



In this video, compare the difference between thulium laser and CO2 laser.

I talked about the CO2 laser before, it is the ultimate anti-aging weapon, and it is the most powerful thing.
Why? Because after using it, there is no need to deal with it for half a year. Very durable and very effective.
But he also has bad points. After using it, there will definitely be slight scabbing and peeling. After using it, the skin turns black and red very quickly.

Then from the second day to the third day, until the fifth day and the sixth day, some customers may take about seven or eight days, and the scab will slowly fall off. Of course, his anti-aging effect is very good.
But it is difficult for many customers to accept because I have to work, I have to entertain, and I have to attend other people’s weddings. I can’t get scabs all over my face, no one can stand that.

But the thulium laser has an advantage. After his treatment, the skin is only temporarily red.
For example, this redness only lasts for a few hours or so, and there will be no problem the next day.
At the same time, on the second day after using the thulium laser, the anti-aging effect came out immediately.
So in this case, it is very popular with Asians.

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