Thermage anti-aging theory

Thermage anti-aging theory



Hello everyone, I’ll take a moment today to tell you about Thermage, Have you heard of Thermage? It’s famous, right?

It has entered China since 2013, which may have been early. Thermage in English is called Thermage, It’s anti-aging, the artifact of lifting wrinkles. It’s been famous for ten years. Because this device is in the Chinese market, we currently use it a lot, to achieve the effect of lifting wrinkles. I talked about the ulthera with the same effect last time.

Anti-Aging Beauty Programs Have One Benefit, anti-aging beauty, has an immediate effect. Treating pigmentation, it is difficult for you to see immediate results, but anti-aging beauty is immediate. After using Thermage, the skin on both sides of our cheeks is instantly firmer.

Why? It’s actually quite simple, Everyone has done stir-fried pork, right? Have you ever cooked? The pork or beef, the pork is rolled up, he burned.

In fact, many anti-aging anti-wrinkle artifacts, such as Thermage, such as ulthera, or even other lasers. What is its main principle? way to generate electricity from light, and generate enough heat in the skin. When enough heat is in the dermis, The dermis itself is collagen fibers and collagen, right? Collagen, after collagen fibers are tightened, because they are triple helix structures, He’ll tighten up on his own, he will roll up, and the skin on the face will then tighten, This is what we often say, the basic principle of anti-aging. This is a recent time theory, it will tighten up immediately after the treatment because it tightens up after you heat it.

What is the second theory? After the Thermage treatment, our skin, once damaged, It will start a skin self-healing and rebuilding mechanism, After this skin mechanism starts, The old old fibers and tissues in the skin will be removed, and New collagen fibers grow up. This period of time May last 3 to 6 months longer, Some people say 3 years, or 4 years, but that’s nonsense.,within 3-6 months, Our skin is a new generation of fibers and cells. our skin is getting tighter and tighter, During this process, The anti-aging effect appeared.

Let me tell you another secret, After using Ulthera or Thermage, In addition to anti-aging, it can also whiten the skin, As for the reason, Mr. Hong will tell you later, Or wait until the class. Today, let’s talk about the theory and effect of this Thermage, The next section will explain why he can do these effects.

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