Triad of Pigmented Spot Treatment Introduction

Triad of Pigmented Spot Treatment Introduction



Build a fence: (build a good skin barrier function)

1. Protect the sebum film: improve the ability to lock water, inhibit the expansion of capillaries, and reduce the loss of skin moisture.
2. Repair stratum corneum: Improve skin barrier function, reduce skin sensitivity, reduce allergies and treat inflammation, while preventing bacterial infection.

Decreased productivity: (reduces the ability of pigment cells to produce pigment)

1. Blocking the path of pigment production: The production of pigment is blocked from the path of pigment production. At present, L-vitamin C is commonly used, and there are also some drugs represented by tranexamic acid;
2. Reduce skin inflammatory response: treatment of chronic inflammation, reduce allergies, restore liver function
3. Sun protection: Avoid sun exposure, avoid UV stimulation to activate tyrosinase
4. Avoid light-sensitive foods/drugs: Certain foods and drugs can stimulate the skin to produce pigment.

Destocking: (speeds up the removal of existing pigments in the epidermis)

1. Blasting pigment: use Q-switched, picosecond laser and this type of ultra-short pulse laser to crush melanin particles.
2. Pigment deactivation: 1927nm long pulse infrared laser, IPL530, 560nm treatment head, selective photothermal effect.
3. Accelerate metabolism: radio frequency, weak Q-switched laser, LED red and blue light, etc.
4. Physical chemical therapy: fruit acid, salicylic acid, freezing, CO2 laser peeling.

This set of very clear and practical treatment methods is summed up in the practice of treating pigment spots for many years. To sum up, it is called the “triad” of pigmented spots treatment.

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