Ulthera or Thermage which anti-aging effect is better?

Ulthera or Thermage which anti-aging effect is better?


Ulthera VS Thermage


Some students asked, “Ulthera or Thermage which anti-aging effect is better?” It’s like asking, “Is it better to eat with a spoon or a fork?”

In fact, both are good and can be used alone or in combination.

First, we must know, Thermage is a type of RF anti-aging, and Ulthera is a kind of ultrasonic anti-aging.

Thermage’s anti-aging is relatively deep and three-dimensional. It is equivalent to making our skin a big three-dimensional anti-aging. Anti-aging after heating, make collagen shrink, right? A process of destruction and regeneration.

And Ulthera is point-shaped. Because it hits the spot inside the skin, then thermal solidification occurs at this point, causing a series of regenerative repairs. Therefore, the anti-aging effect is achieved.

Then we know, Thermage is such a heating of volume, and Ulthera is a point-shaped heating. So the best way is for Thermage and Ulthera combine for treatment. This will make the treatment better.

In our practice, It is to do the two projects of Ulthera and Thermage together, the effect is both tightening and lifting. At the same time, comprehensive, full-depth, whole-level heating and regeneration can be achieved.

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